Are you running business? Do you need automated SALARY DISBURSEMENT solution for your Online business? If yes, you are at right place. We provide SALARY DISBURSEMENT solution for all types of business including SALARY DISBURSEMENT business.

Unlimited SALARY DISBURSEMENT to any bank account in India instantly 24x7 using our SALARY DISBURSEMENT api service. You can send money to your employee directly in their bank account via your existing Online software or website or mobile application automatically. Sounds great? Not only this, you can also automate your daily withdrawal. No manual work required once you setup our SALARY DISBURSEMENT api solution in your Online software or website or mobile application.

We use IMPS gateway provided by our different banking partner since 2012. Our AWS cloud based servers enables us to provide always uptime service. Try out for free today. Test and then trust.

As we provide 24x7 instant SALARY DISBURSEMENT api solution for all business, we also accept payment for instant funding which is also 24x7. You will get credits instantly in api balance once you transfer money from your bank account to our dedicated virtual bank account.

If you have no time to setup our SALARY DISBURSEMENT api solution in your Online software or website or mobile application then don't worry, we also have build portal on which you can upload your excel sheet for sending money to different bank accounts of your customer automatically. You can download full report of your payments once it processed.

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